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Kamchatka Jeep Tour

04 mutnovskiyMutnovsky volcano

Lost in the clouds of steam Mutnovsky is one of the largest volcanoes of Kamchatka. The main reason to visit Mutnovsky is its fumaroles – cracks in the ground, spewing volcanic gas. Here a hot breath of the Earth melts the ice, turning it into streams which flow down to the foot of the volcano.

Mutnovsky volcano has four craters and, in the opinion of many travelers, it surpasses in beauty the famous Valley of Geysers. However, it is not so easy to check it: almost no roads lead here. But we are glad to provide you with the opportunity to reach these wild places of Kamchatka by jeeps accompanied by our experienced guides. Don’t miss this chance because such a fantastic combination of ice and fire you will hardly see anywhere else.

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