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Kamchatka Jeep Tour
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Mysterious region of Russia, Kamchatka is a land where active and extinct volcanoes, cold mineral springs and hot geysers, glaciers and picturesque valleys closely adjoin to each other. Not everyone gets a chance to reach these towering beauties. Fortunately, thanks to this the Kamchatka Peninsula has still kept its pristine appearance.

However, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance to touch this natural charm. Jeep tours in Kamchatka remain the easiest and safest way to do this, if to compare it with expensive helicopter tours or hiking which is feasible just for experienced travelers.

Through the years on the peninsula – since 2007 – we’ve showed the charming beauty of Kamchatka to many thousands of tourists, not just from Russia but also from all over the world. And for every guest such journey has become a real discovery for many reasons. Here are just a few of them:

- Kamchatka can be comfortable

First, a few could imagine that jeep tours in Kamchatka can be comfortable. We took care of it first of all and have completed our fleet with reliable cross-country vehicles with cozy interiors and great heaters.

- Kamchatka can be friendly

Secondly, all our jeep tours around Kamchatka are escorted by friendly and experienced guides who have explored this region literally in their shoes. As locals say it is needed to be deep in love with Kamchatka to live here all the year round and to welcome guests from all over the world with such hospitality. So it is – a sincere love for this land has become the hallmark of our guides.

- Kamchatka can be understandable

Thirdly – and this is important for tourists from abroad – we made our jeep tours in Kamchatka accessible to foreign visitors, who heard a lot about the greatness of this Russian region, but were afraid to come here because of a language barrier possibility. There is no more reason to doubt. All our guides and drivers speak English and are always open to other cultures and people from abroad.

There will be a thousand reasons never to take a trip to Kamchatka – a long road, a harsh climate, inconveniences. But those who still dare to conquer this mysterious land will get a chance to lift the veil of Kamchatka’s secrecy and to look into its very depths which are not walkable but are reachable by guided jeep tours.

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