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Kamchatka Jeep Tour

07 timonThree-day tour to the Timonovsky Springs

The tour to the Timonovsky Springs is one of the most breathtaking destinations of Kamchatka. The springs are located along the picturesque banks of the River Timonovsky Pad’, on the territory of the state national park. Besides blissful relaxation in the healing waters of the natural springs, you will have the opportunity to see the fluffy gophers, to admire the mountain lakes, beautiful waterfalls of Kamchatka and what is more – to see the majestic volcano Bakening.

Distance from civilization has kept this land intact, but meanwhile it impedes to see its beauty. We offer you to explore the Timonovsky Springs by jeeps to fall in love with Kamchatka as deep as we do!

Three days tour.

Payment in cash or cashless. Insurance by request.
Extra services. Private tours. Trip making according to tourist's plan.

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